Get a fresh perspective on using social media to connect, inspire and educate, with a variety of talks from arts organisations and a contrasting view from sectors outside the arts.

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Social Strategy: Staying Close, When the World is Distanced
Rebekah Ellerby, Social Media and Content Manager at the National Theatre.

Learn how the National Theatre has responded to the unique pressures of maintaining public support throughout pandemic restrictions. Rebekah takes you through a refreshed social media strategy, in meeting the challenges of promoting productions in the digital age.

Social Media Tech Champions
Haydn Corrodus, Digital Culture Network.

Answering the question of what digital skills arts organisations need in these online times. Haydn outlines how Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network can support arts organisations and their achievements during lockdown.

The NYJO Virtual Academy
Nigel Tully, Executive Chair of National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO).

An inspiring case study on how the National Youth Jazz Orchestra turned a future-threatening challenge into a revitalising opportunity. The NYJO team responded to the limitations of lockdown with the speedy roll-out of their Virtual Academy, offering musicians the ability to practice and learn online the skills and disciplines of playing in an ensemble by performing virtually with a big band. Nigel shows how they expanded their reach to around 500 students at all levels.

Essential Tools for your Social Media Toolbox
Susan Hallam, digital marketing consultant

Social media marketing revolves around a variety of tasks, and you need to choose the right social media tools to get the job done. Now is a good time to assess which tools are working well for you and which aren’t, to discover new tools and identify those that you’ve outgrown. Your toolbox should evolve and grow to ensure your arts organisation delivers a high performing social media experience. Susan introduces you to a framework and resources to sharpen up your digital marketing saw, and review what’s in your toolbox.

Trump & Social Media
Rob Blackie, Rob Blackie Digital Strategy

Get an expert’s scoop on how Donald Trump has used social media during his presidency. Using his expertise in strategic marketing and communications, Rob examines the use of social media in the US elections, and experience of managing online conversations.

Produced by Chris Wilson & Danielle Green


  • Date 25/02/2021
  • Time @ 10:00 - 12:30


  • Via Zoom