Our November IT4Arts workshop is geared “For Those Responsible for Managing IT / Digital / Social Media, and for IT Professionals in the Arts”. The speakers will be addressing topics that 70 – 90% of members rated as “Interesting” or “Extremely Interesting” as agenda items that would attract them to future workshops (June 2016 survey of members).

We have invited five speakers who have extensive knowledge and experience of managing IT/Digital in Arts or closely related sectors and who have kindly offered to pass on tips and advice about what tends to work and what doesn’t work. Our aim is to help you to develop your ideas about how to approach the management of IT/Digital within your own organisations and hopefully to share experiences that are relevant to your current management challenges. The day is equally aimed at IT professionals and people from other specialisms who have responsibility for the management of IT/Digital.

Making a Good Case for Investment in IT

–        Sally O’Neill, Chief Operating Officer, Royal Opera House

This talk will provide a Chief Operating Officer’s perspective on what it takes to convince a Chief Executive (CEO) and board to invest time and resources in IT/digital, or in an IT/digital project.

PCI, Customer Data Security & Cyber Security

–        Nigel Randall, Head of Information Systems, Historic Royal Palaces

Compliance with PCI, data security and cyber security controls and standards (internally and externally assessed) can be an onerous task. Balancing this with a good understanding of commercial risks is also important. Historic Royal Palaces have a significant number of years’ experience of doing this and, coupled with experience in other sectors, Nigel should provide some useful insights.

Managing IT Resources to Deliver Effective Software Applications

–        Nick Napier, Head of ICT, Zoological Society of London

ZSL’s IT/Digital portfolio has many parallels with IT4Arts members’ organisations, and Nick’s significant experience of managing an IT programme that includes ticketing, CRM, retail, membership systems etc. provides a valuable insight into lessons learned from the process. Key to success is the effective management of suppliers and decisions about the recruitment, retention and outsourcing of development and/or support. Making these decisions effectively is critical.

Outsourcing and Managing Service Providers

–        Steve Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Astro Communications Ltd

Steve Smith, co-founder of a commercial IT networking and communications company and member of the IT livery company’s Arts Panel, will speak about outsourcing and managing service providers. He will be will be drawing together experience of this from his day job in the commercial world and from his pro bono work with arts organisations and charities (without giving away which they were!).

Alternative Views on Managing IT

–        Dominic Tinley, Director at Tinley Media

Dominic is an interactive media innovator with 20 years’ experience working across web, mobile and interactive TV projects in the areas of culture, education and society. This talk aims to provide some alternative views on how best to manage IT and Digital projects. A “smoother process” for commissioning projects will be presented as well as key points and checklists to support the process. An approach to “Agile Contracting” is included.

When: Thursday 3rd November 2016, starting 10am, ending at 4.30pm


  • Date 03/11/2016
  • Time @ 10:00-16:30


  • Information Technologists' Hall