Measuring, analysing and strategizing spend in a complex and ever changing landscape

Every organisation needs to maximise the effectiveness of its expenditures to meet its goals, be they simply financial, more qualitative or even ephemeral. This is particularly complex in the arts world where outcomes can’t be measured only in a ledger. However, there are strategies and mechanisms to address some of the challenges of digital spend management in a today’s rapidly changing environments.

A not-to-be-missed IT4Arts event on topics not covered before. Four outstanding presenters covering a range of topics with a common theme of maximising the effectiveness of your digital budget. There’s also a breakout session creating a discussion of the themes with peers.

Social Media and Analytics: What’s the State of the Art Today?

Where should you be spending your money to achieve your goals? Web analytics are now mature and widely used. However, consolidating and correlating usage across traditional web and social media is less developed, but is clearly essential to facilitate the optimisation of the digital channel mix. This session explores the state of the art of integrated analytics.

Presented by Mat Morrison, Mediaczar
Mat has nearly two decades of experience in digital, including holding senior roles in digital and media agencies, before setting up Mediaczar. He has a particular interest in channel analytics, and is a self-confessed data nerd, seeking to extract meaningful information from social media data.

Measuring ROI from Your Digital Pound – Wishful Thinking or Management Driver?

How do you know your money is having the intended effect? It is often said that if it can’t be measured, it  can’t be managed. So how good are supportable metrics of returns from expenditure on digital marketing? Is income the only sound metric? How can one assess whether spending more or
less would improve operating margins? This session explores what is practical in terms of assessing ROI and ways to improve what metrics are available.

Presented by Chris Unitt, One Further
Chris is a previous presenter to our workshops. Chris is a lawyer by background, but moved into the arts world, where he has worked for number of organisations both in the UK and abroad. His primary goal is to help clients understand and improve the impact and reach of their digital activity.

Sophisticated or Simple? Finding the Point of Diminishing Returns on Digital Expenditure

Could you spend less and get broadly the same results? In the early 1980’s the computer industry was transformed when pioneer companies realised that simpler chip architectures were not only quicker, they were cheaper. Simple was good. In today’s digital world, arts organisations are faced with vendors who, to grow their business, need to push ever more sophisticated applications and solutions. Does the adoption of such technologies lead to better goal attainment? Could 80% of the desired results have been gained with 20 % of the investment using simpler methods and technologies? This session explores how to find the right balance.

Presented by Peter Rees, Adjunct Associate Professor, American University in London.
Peter has over 40 years of international business experience, of which over half has been in marketing. He now splits his time between consultancy and academic roles, and has a proven track record of analysing, planning and implementing business policy in complex environments.

How to Plan Digital When the Audience Patterns and Platforms Keep Changing

How can we manage the budget across changing platform trends and audience demographics? Snapchat is now the fastest growing social network with over 200m global users. But wait… last year it was Instagram. Before that, Pinterest. And on and on. Where do you focus your ongoing digital efforts when the audience patterns and platforms change so quickly? How can you plan a sustained communications campaign without missing out on the next hot thing [or FOMO as the millennials say].

Presented by Darika Ahrens, LDNStock
Darika Ahrens is a former analyst with Forrester Research with 12+ years working in digital media and marketing. She’s been featured in the BBC, NY Times, Economist, Guardian, Independent, and Marketing Week. She now runs London Stock – a marketing agency that connects brands with digital creatives and projects.

Produced by Tim Rhodes & Mark Holford


  • Date 05/11/2015
  • Time @ 10:00-16:30


  • Shakespeare's Globe