Inaugural meeting of Special Interest Group in Data Asset Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence and related topics

After careful research among a group of IT4Arts members we are setting up a new IT4Arts Special Interest Group (SIG) on Data Asset Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence and related topics. It won’t be of interest to everyone but it will be of great interest to some IT4Arts members – hence setting it up as a SIG. The inaugural meeting will be Thursday morning 16th May.

Goals for the Meeting
The goals for the session are to establish the mission (’aim’, ‘ambition’), scope and structure for the SIG, by a process of peer discussion at this initial meeting.

The notion of this group is a departure for IT4Arts, being outside of the hitherto normal interactions with members. The starting assumption will however be that the Arts Panel of the IT livery company will provide administration and base infrastructure, but scope and activity content will be peer driven by SIG members.

Check-in and coffee from 9.30am for a 10.00am start.

1 Background to formation of SIG; initial perception of SIG elements derived from discussions with IT4Arts members, as a strawperson.

2 Discussion of mission, resulting in an agreed statement.

3 Scope discussion: topic categories to be embraced
– data modelling?
– visualization?
– statistical topics (wide range from correlation through cluster analysis on)?
– forecasting (including adaptive techniques)? semantic analysis?
– artificial intelligence?
– machine learning?
– what else?

4 Coffee

5 Realization: by what means?
– breakfast sessions (90 mins) on specific topics given by experts?
– half day ‘how to do it’ sessions with real examples from any of the agreed topic areas?
– pro-bono help from IT4Arts members on an individual basis?
– what else?

6 Resources
– web site?
– bulletin board with open and closed groups?
– on-line document library?
– ‘play with a tool’ set up in cloud???
– what else?

7 Sandwiches and informal chats.

When: Thursday 16th May, starting 10.00am, ending at 2.00pm.
Where: The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists’ Hall, 39a Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 2JN.
Booking: Please apply using the Enquiry form or email the IT4Arts chair This workshop is only open to people who work at IT4Arts member arts and cultural organisations.

  • Category: Previous Workshops
  • Date: May 16, 2019