Cloud, Organisational Transformation Because of Digital, Big Data… And From Green Electricity to Green Issues Theatre

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Digital Trends That Will Change the Arts:
Cloud, Organisational Transformation Because of Digital, Big Data… And From Green Electricity to Green-Issues Theatre

We have brought together our unique mix of business and arts sector speakers to give you a thorough briefing, both visionary and practical.

Trends in IT and Digital, Near Future and Now!
Dr Dave Watson, Director, Emerging Technologies, IBM
Dave, from the world-famous IBM Hursley laboratories, is the person who briefs company boards on emerging technologies – and he’s going to brief us! In this talk Dave will take a look at the current directions in IT and pick out what he believes are the areas of most opportunity for arts organisations. He will cover aspects of cloud computing, big data, analytics, mobile, social business, and security. This will not be a talk full of jargon and buzz words: Dave will draw on his many years of working with a broad range of customers to present the challenges and opportunities rather than tell the audience how things work. By the end of the talk the audience should feel they have a framework to see how IT is changing and what can be expected in the short to medium term.

Cloud Case Study from the Arts World
Jo Fells, Arts Catalyst
Jo will explain how she has safely and economically lifted The Arts Catalyst into the Cloud, with Cloud storage, Cloudware, not-for-profit deals and freemium apps (free core product, premium features you pay for).

Click Here for Jo’s Powerpoint Presentation

Organisational Transformation – Arts, Cultural and Charity – Because of Digital
Alex Morrison, Cogapp
Alex has led ground-breaking work in the field of digital and social media in many prominent institutions including nine national museums, the BBC and 10 Downing Street, which gives him invaluable insights into the organisational transformation needed for success.

Social Business – Applying Data
Stuart McRae, IBM Executive, Collaboration and Social Business
Many industries are struggling to come to terms with the disruptive transformation brought on by social media, and the arts is no different. But it is also an opportunity. As well as providing new ways to engage with the audience, social is going to enable new ways of running and managing arts organisations. Stuart is an Executive Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist for IBM, where he helps business executives and strategists with their organisations’ digital strategy and helps them to improve the effectiveness of their workforce. He speaks at public events, provides executive briefings and runs workshops. He also briefs industry analysts and the press.

Click Here for Stuart’s Powerpoint Presentation 

Unusual Suspects – The Collaborative Big Data Project for Nine Newcastle and Gateshead Arts and Cultural Organisations
Jackie Hay, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre
This is a Nesta funded project to pool, profile and segment audience data to enable these nine organisations to re-engage infrequent attenders, encourage audience cross-over and deepen audience engagement. Jackie will explain what they are going to do and how they are going about it.

From Green Electricity to Green-Issues Theatre
Feimatta Conteh, Arcola Theatre and Arcola Energy
Though not strictly about digital and social media trends, Feimatta presents a thought piece about how arts organisations can make a contribution and have influence way beyond their size concerning trends and issues of the day.

  • Category: Previous Workshops
  • Date: November 6, 2014
  • Location: The Theatres Trust, 22 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0QL
  • Time: Starting 10.00am, ending at 4.30pm